Rodeo of the Ozarks Rounders

Rounders work year-round on preparing their routine to perform at the Rodeo of the Ozarks and several other community events and rodeos. The performance consists of fast pace horseback action that takes hours of hard work to perfect. The routine shows the spirit and beauty of horsemanship. From classical moves to square dancing, the Rounders show the audience their versatility and talent.

The Rodeo of the Ozarks Rounders were formed in 1995 to serve as “ambassadors” for the Rodeo. The Rounders are comprised of a group of approximately 15 talented riders that make one of the best drill teams around! The group is managed by Kent Morris, Kelly Morris, and Lori Perdue.

Please contact Kent and Kelly Morris if you have any questions regarding the Rounders.

Kelly Morris: 479-640-1914  or

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LeTausha Ahrents, Cassie Barnes, Sophia Barnett, Olivia Biswell, Ashli Clary, Brittney Doshier, Jacklyn Duncan, Kaia Gossman, Lora Husong, Rachel Lee, Emily Myers, Sydnie Parsons, Bailey Perdue, Elyse Perdue, Ericka Phillips, Miranda Sims, Shay Steele, Sidney Tisdale, Hallie Toan, Korrie Wilson



All Rodeo of the Ozarks ROUNDERS photos are courtesy of Pam Baldridge 

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